Claymore (stylized as CLAYMORE) is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi. It debuted in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Jump in June 2001, where it continued until the magazine was shut down in June 2007. Following a four-chapter monthly publication in Weekly Shōnen Jump, the series was transferred to the newly launched Jump Square, where it was serialized from November 2007 until its conclusion in October 2014. Its chapters were collected in 27 tankōbon volumes.
The series is set on a fictional medieval island where humans are plagued by Yoma (妖魔), humanoid shape-shifters that feed on humans. A mysterious group, known as The Organization, creates human-Yoma hybrids to kill Yoma for a fee. These female warriors wear armored uniforms. The public refer to them as “Claymores”, alluding to their claymore swords,[4] or “Silver-eyed Witches”, due to their silver eyes.[5]